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Katavothres is located only 3km from Argostoli and it is without a doupt a place that you should not miss visiting. There takes place one of the world's most astonishing geological phenomena that includes water. To be more specific, the sea water rushes in through some cracks in the rocks on the shore and vanishes underground in a way that nobody can explain how or why it happens. The phenomenon was rare enough that in 1835 the English who ruled the island built some corn mills in order to benefit from the running water. While the earthquakes destroyed those mills, the strange phenomemon still occurs to this day. Some geologists have found out through experiments with dyed water that running water flows into the cracks and travels through unexplored subterranean caverns and finally reaches Melissani Lake, almost 15km away from Katavothres and from there flows to the sea of Karavomilos village.

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